It was once thought lost ... the vestigial myth of a legendary idea....
The Swagger is Back.
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Reverends of Swagger
Ouch! ... that's sexy.

The Way That Was

Some of us originally came to this server to get away from the overpopulation of another. While here, we formed a guild and made friends on the simple principle that the game should be about fun. It shouldn’t interfere with real life and we shouldn’t have to fit into someone else’s idea of how a guild operates.

We strived to do things our own way. We weren’t going to fall into the rank and file because we didn’t want to be like everyone else. We certainly weren’t here to prove anything by waving around our youthful e-peen. However, we soon realized that our e-peen, though young, was quite large. It attracted a lot of attention. There was admiration and jealousy, but we took everything with a grain of salt. To us, this is and always will be just a game.

We started raiding to get the gear necessary to PvP. With the right guild members and the casual atmosphere, our raids assumed a mythic level of fun and progress. But, we remembered our roots — and our intentions — so raids never predominated any aspect of the guild.

Time passed. We continued to have fun and do things differently. Everything was an open book and everyone was happy to be surrounded by friends.

Time passed. Each of us had our own real life issues. Some of us tired of the game. Others continued to play.

With the Burning Crusade on the horizon, we knew the game would take on a new meaning once again. It would be just like when it first came out with one major exception: we’d be able to experience every new piece of content with friends. Friends that shared the same passions.

Those that returned were shocked to find that our once-great guild had joined the rank and file. There was nothing to differentiate our guild from any other … except the text in the tag above our heads. We spoke out but even the open environment had changed. Where there was once acceptance, hostility now lived.

The ones that continued to play never forgot. They saw our dismay and shared in it. This wasn’t the guild we experienced together; the guild we built together.

We never forgot. The fact it remained so long is a testament to the foundation upon which it was built. But, it wasn’t the same.

Now comes something new. We have more experience, more desire, and we never forgot.

It was once thought lost, destined to remain hidden in the past, a vestigial myth of a now legendary idea. But a small group of heroes would rise to reclaim it. The journey would be long; the path perilous. But the rewards would lie beyond all comprehension. The swagger is back. And we’re bringing it to the Burning Crusade.

We’ll be there to spread our word soon enough. Those that understand and see the light will be welcomed in to the fold. Those that don’t, well, there will always be Displaced.

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Ouch! ... that's sexy.