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Ouch! ... that's sexy.

Recruitment [2007 August 15]

We aren’t looking for members; we’re looking for friends. We play this game to have fun, and we want our membership to reflect this and enhance our gaming experience. Our growth is because of each other and not because of the content.

We are selective in who we choose to call friends. It’s a matter of quality, not quantity. We want friends we can count on, not a number to impress people. You don’t have to be the best. We only ask that you’re fun to play with. Our progress reflects that choosing good friends gives us few real challenges in game.

We have no formal method of recruitment. We want people to show us their desire to be a part of our guild. You can post your intentions and share your personality, but that’s just the first step. You’ll need to make yourself known to our members. Show us the great fit. We want our members to generate a buzz about you and what a great addition you’d be to our circle.

We realize that we may not be the easiest guild, but we also believe that the work is a reflection of the rewards. This isn’t structured. It isn’t simple. But it’s not a chore. You should be having fun.

We also want people to recognize that a slight against any of our members is an affront to the guild as a whole. We may not agree with each other every moment of the day, but we’ll defend each other to the end. Real life is greater than the game and our friendships are exactly the same.

We hope to see many of you in the Burning Crusade. It may not be as friends, but hopefully we’ll be allies.

Still interested?
1) Get a current member to like/sponsor you.
2) Apply below so the rest of the guild knows you’ll be joining.
3) Ask your admirer/sponsor to get you an invitation after you’ve applied. (Wait a day after your post so the rest of the guild sees it. It’s your responsibility to get the invite after you’ve posted and this can take a fair amount of time if no one with invite ability is online or someone forgets.)

Apply and let us get to know you.








Ouch! ... that's sexy.